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LC Lauren Conrad Christmas Ornaments

This year I'm doing two Christmas Trees: My huge traditional Christmas tree and a smaller tree full of PINK and TURQUOISE! No surprise there, eh?

I'm super excited and i'm slowly scouring every store's Christmas section to find just the right lil babies to hang on my tree next month. I love everything that Lauren Conrad does. Her clothes, her bedroom decor, her jewelry...and now her CHRISTMAS Decor! You heard me right, the queen of blush colored everything made Christmas Ornaments this year. It's to die for. I bought nearly every ornament she had! Below are the ones I purchased for my special TownHomeDiaries tree and links so you can pick up these sweeties yourself! (Available in a few select stores, but none near me!)

Always check Kohl's coupon codes! At the time of posting you can use "Waves" for 20% off + all of the ornaments are already a percentage off as well!

Pink and Teal Christmas Bicycle
Oh my goodness, yes I had to have this.
You can even put a little photo on it or use it as a photo holder on a shelf!
Lauren Conrad Christmas Bicycle
Bunny Ballerina 
Umm.. Do I even have to talk about this sweet, adorable ornament? 
She's the cutest one I've bought thus far! She's even holding a tree!

Aqua Ombre Bulb 
How classic!? I feel like this will be one I will use every year no matter my tree style! 
Can't wait to use it this year! 

Green & Pink Cactus
Well.. I just had to have this one! It actually also comes in blue and pink, but I thought a little green would be cute! The little pom poms are darling too! 
Christmas Cat 
Fun Fact: I like dogs better than cats, but if you make something with a sweet cat face on it, I will 100% want to own it. L=Just like this ornament! 2 tassles, 2 pom poms and those sweet little eyelashes. 

Rose Gold Sparkle Crown 
It's a crown. It sparkles. It's rose gold. 
Essentially this is me as a Christmas Ornament! 

Pink Fox Ornament 
You might remember that every year I buy something Fox related for the Fall Season. Well, now i've gone and done it. I'm going to have to buy something Fox related for Christmas too! 

Candy Cane Mouse 
This is a pink mouse wearing a tutu and carrying a candy cane! 
I cannot deal with this amount of cuteness. I cannot wait to have this sweet baby on my tree! 

White & Gold Pineapple 
I collect Pineapples...and I don't have a pineapple ornament yet so this was a no-brainer.
I also live in Charleston and we use the pineapple as a symbol to welcome visitors! So basically I'd be a bad Charlestonian if I didn't get it. ;)
Lauren Conrad Pineapple Ornament
Pink & Teal Sparkle Wreath 
This doesn't seem like the type of ornament that I would pick to be honest, but when I saw it I felt it yelling "VINTAGE CHRISTMAS!" at me which hey, I will always say yes to. When it arrived in the mail I was super excited and it's actually perfect. So happy I chose it! 

I really hope you are as excited as I am to see my new pink and teal Christmas tree! I wanted to reiterate why I shop early (Not decorating yet) and that is because I don't have a budget for Christmas decorations AT Christmas time. That's when i'm buying food, presents, etc! I don't want to worry about finding the right decorations once it's crazy busy and picked over. This is why I shop early. 

If you pick up any of these ornaments please let me know! 

XOXO, Kaleena 

*This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through these links. That will then be... used to buy more decor that I can put in my home and show you how to use! ;) It's a circle.* 


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