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Budget Fixes and Wallpaper Cheats

Hey Y'all!

Well... my old blog had to go away...permanently! Why you ask? Well it was messed up in about 1,000 ways. It wouldn't connect to show adds. It wouldn't connect to pinterest! I mean... it barely let me type. While I regret losing my old posts, I'm hoping y'all understand!

So what's been new around TownHomeDiaries?

I'm saving money! Yep, that's right. I'm budgeting myself with my Home D├ęcor and Home Project spending. I'm saving for Christmas and we all know how expensive that can be. Right now I'm working on doing projects that cost little to no money. Some of the projects have been sitting there just waiting for me to do them, but of course I get distracted by greener pastures!

Take today.. I had an $8 wooden stool that I purchased from a thrift store a few weeks ago! It was just sitting there. I knew my plan, I had already purchased the paint, but I was waiting it out, because it didn't feel "exciting".

Then you know what? A whole idea formed in my head. How bout I put this newly painted stool in my entryway? How bout I do something to the ugly wall in the entryway? Maybe it could match with the stool! This is how my brain works, guys. I'm just moving a mile a minute (or second) and sometimes I can't even explain how I got to where I am. But today, I know! I didn't just want to paint a stool... I wanted to create a little AREA. So here's the details.

First let's look at the finished product and then we'll talk how we got there!

Isn't that adorable? We don't have a traditional entry way. In fact, our front door opens right up to the kitchen (weird, I know). So I had to improvise and I really wanted to find a way to welcome visitors and make us feel happy to be home right when we open the door!

At first I thought I would paint the wood white and use a stencil. I haven't stenciled much. Just a few wood signs with a quote. Nothing pattern-y and nothing difficult that needed to be perfect. So I started to second guess myself and i'm so happy I did!

Now let's see what I started working with. The Before.

I feel like the builder did the kitchen a disservice in general. I won't even get started on that, but who would leave that ugly looking side panel there? Why not paint? Wood? A design? Come on. I had to cover that up!

So while walking around Hobby Lobby with my Fiance (Rare that he went with me!) I came across a brand called The Paper Studio that makes vinyl self-adhesive transfer paper to use with craft machines or exacto knives. Like always an idea SUDDENLY hit me and I knew that this paper would be perfect as peel and stick wallpaper for this little spot. - AND at a cheaper price!

Of course this water color teal, pink and blush print called out to me! It actually bridges all the colors in our open floor plan. Coral kitchen, Teal accents, blush dining room. I knew it was the one. They have several other options as well. Here's what the package looks like so you can buy some for yourself!

It's $7.99 for two sheets and I almost used the entire contents of the package. Did I mention I got it 50% off? So this whole project cost me less than $4! (Pro Tip: I don't purchase at Hobby Lobby unless it's on a sale. Things go on sale so often that it's not a good deal to buy full price!)

This is how it looks going up. I kept it together as 2 sheets and worked out which sides matched together the best. (Unlike wallpaper it did not have exact messages, but I managed to get it looking pretty amazing, actually.)

Here it is with one sheet up.

I purposely used this photo so you could see that there are some bubbles during application. I just took my fingers and smoothed them out. They disappeared easily! Then I applied the paper from top to bottom and left the excess (which wasn't much) there until I got both sides perfect. Once both sides were on I took a razor blade and cut off the excess which was super easy because the wood paneling along the sides!

The Final look:
Of course I had to add a little pumpkin activity! It IS Fall. So that's it. I dig it. It covered up what I considered to be an eye sore and it brought color and brightness to an otherwise dark spot. All for $4! Be right back... I'm going to Hobby Lobby to grab more of this paper!

Hope this helps you add a little flare to your space! As always leave questions in the comments and i'll get right back to ya!



  1. Adorable!!! I love making over my house using what I have, or finding very economical ways to put a look together. This one is so great! I've got to go check out that vinyl paper, like NOW. Love your Instagram feed but never came to your blog (I have ADD, and some anxiety and depression so I get overwhelmed with a lot of thing). Glad I found it. I'm the gal whose dad lived in Santee until he passed away 3 years ago. Hope you've been safe with all the hurricanes. Scary! Ok, bunny trails there. Your entryway area is super cute...!


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