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3 Tier Carts!

I admit it. I'm addicted to 3 tier carts. I wanted one for longer than I care to admit, and now I have TWO! Two. And let me just tell you, i'm thinking about getting another. You can use these little babies in SO many ways!

The first cart I bought resides in our Master Bedroom right by our chalk painted desk. It is from Michael's and it's called the Lexington Cart. This one is less bulky than other options and I knew it would be perfect for our bedroom. It comes in TONS of colors, too, but I manned up and chose white because I knew it would go with everything. 

Here is the way we styled it in our bedroom. The pink divider were also bought at Michael's. They really came in handy to keep all the small items from running together. If not for those I think this might be just a public display of a junk drawer! (In case you thought my house was perfect... nearly every drawer in my home is a junk drawer.) 

My sister was visiting last month and she asked me "How much do you actually use the things in that cart?" and I could tell she was skeptical and wondering if it was just for looks. My answer was "Every day!" and we really do use it every single day. It holds our remotes, phone chargers, books we are currently reading, chapstick, hand lotions, and so much more. I seriously love this thing and how it keeps everything we need close by and in sight. 

So then somehow we got a 2nd cart. Musta been the Cart Fairy? (Thanks, Mom!) 

This one is from Target and it's a bit bulkier than my Lexington Cart pictured above. It came in a gunmetal gray color that I definitely knew I wouldn't keep forever. For a few months I used it as a craft cart, but really quickly it turned into a "Dump Everything Cart". 

Just look at all the stuff and pure junk that came off this thing! No Shame in my Game. I'm here to show you the real life mess I make, and the real life Clean Up I do! 

I decided enough was enough and decided that this cart would be my Halloween scene setting and that this garbage would go...well...somewhere else. (AKA: Sitting in the hall near the garage. But ya know, not actually in the garage.)

So first things first, here's the cart before I started painting. This is how it comes right out of the box after you put it together.

I chose a chalk paint which is Waverly brand from Walmart. I have been using acrylic paint lately but I really wanted to try the chalk paint out on this typically shiny cart. The color is called Peacock, and boy do I LOVE IT! I am so glad I went with a more saturated turquoise than I normally choose!

The bottle says no prep, and that's exactly what I did - Nothing! I just poured out the paint and slapped the brush in it. Well, no, I slapped an old pencil without an eraser in it to stir it up. Professional over here guys! Professional!

Here is the cart after the first coat. The paint went on FAST and had a lot more coverage than I expected.

 It was looking quite streaky though. I crossed my fingers (only in my head, duh, i'm painting) and continued. I only let it dry for maybe 10 minutes, because this Waverly paint is FAST. Here is the cart after the first coat.

And here it is after the second coat. I touched up as needed after this photo, but that's it.

It actually looks great! I truly love the matte look of the chalk paint on the cart as well. I think it makes my cart look different than anyone else's and if you know me, well, that's always the goal!

Here is my Peacock cart all dressed up for Halloween! Oooh, there's just something about the way those orange tones bounce off the saturated turquoise!

So now you've seen my 3 tiered roll carts styled in two completely separate ways! All it cost was the price of the paint ($5). Quick and easy DIY that allows you to customize your cart to your tastes! I say that's a win.

Shop here if you want to get a 3 tier cart of your own or to find the paint and brushes I used to create this peacock blue cart!

Tell me, do you have a rolling cart? How do you use it? I'm thinking of putting Christmas decor on this little baby once Halloween is over. Can you imagine a cute Christmas Village all set up with snow on each level?!

As always you can comment here or reach me via DM on Instagram! My inbox is always open!



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