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Bottle Brush Tree Obsession

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. The obsession started last year. I walked into Hobby Lobby and I saw a few bright colored bottle brush trees and I was smitten! Then, as I perused the Target dollar spot I saw pink ones! I can't tell you how many times I had those little pink babies in my shopping cart. I talked myself out of them every time! We had just bought our house 2 months before and there were so many other things we needed that were not bottle brush Christmas trees! But guess what? NOTHING CAN STOP ME THIS YEAR! I'm buying all the bottle brush trees! ALL OF THEM!

Well... maybe not all of them. I'm going to start with the ones from Target that are currently featured in their Holiday Opalhouse collection. The one featured above is there too! But... they aren't online yet. So I had to go searching the internet high and low for more options because hey, I need them ASAP. IT'S NOVEMBER! ;)

You can click the ph…

$35 Walmart Christmas Tree

Maybe you're here because you've heard about this tree! I know I have been waiting all year for their arrival in Walmart stores. This tree is a big deal and I'll explain why. First of all, it's 6 feet tall and only $35. That's an amazing deal, my friends. Also, it's flocked, full and beautiful as well.

This tree is perfect if you need a new main tree, or even if you want to use it as a second tree! It's gorgeous with any style or color decorations. Flocked trees are all the rage this year, so I think that's why this one is selling out. 
In store you can find them by locating T-20 on the packaging. They're mostly sold out in stores, but you can find it here:  $35 Flocked Tree

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Ultimate Fortnite Christmas Gift Guide

If you're anything like me you probably have someone in your family who plays the video game Fortnite. Or at least you've heard about it. For me, it's my 12 year old son. He seriously lives, breathes and only cares about this video game.

If you don't know what it is: It's an online video game that you play with 99 other players at the same time. It's simply a version of the Hunger Games... last man standing wins. As you're playing you can build structures to hide in, find ammo and weapons to keep yourself safe, and every so often (think 60 seconds) the world you're in gets smaller and smaller until you're right beside the same guys you've been trying to hide from! (exciting right? yeah, not to me either, but I totally understand why the video game players in our life are simply obsessed.) 
This year Fortnite gifts are going to be THE gifts for kids ages 8+ and probably even the adults in your life. Don't worry, I searched the internet over …

3 Tier Carts!

I admit it. I'm addicted to 3 tier carts. I wanted one for longer than I care to admit, and now I have TWO! Two. And let me just tell you, i'm thinking about getting another. You can use these little babies in SO many ways!

The first cart I bought resides in our Master Bedroom right by our chalk painted desk. It is from Michael's and it's called the Lexington Cart. This one is less bulky than other options and I knew it would be perfect for our bedroom. It comes in TONS of colors, too, but I manned up and chose white because I knew it would go with everything. 
Here is the way we styled it in our bedroom. The pink divider were also bought at Michael's. They really came in handy to keep all the small items from running together. If not for those I think this might be just a public display of a junk drawer! (In case you thought my house was perfect... nearly every drawer in my home is a junk drawer.) 

My sister was visiting last month and she asked me "How much …

Shop My Photo - Master Bedroom

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Yes, I'm serious. These are the best jeans that I've had in YEARS! They are not only cheaper than the typical jeans that I love, but they're also so so comfortable. These jeans slide on, are high waisted, but not too tight at all. AND They're SLIMMING! So slimming. I don't know about y'all, but comfortable and slimming are my two highest needs in a pair of jeans!

They fit true to size and have a good amount of stretch! They come in one length In Store, but you can get Short, Regular or Long online, which is awesome because i'm only a very small, 5"2.

Check them out below and THEN use the link to purchase them! They are on sale! In fact, by using code "WAVES" You can get my favorite jeans for $29!

Get them here: FEEL GOOD JEANS

Can't wait to hear how much you love them! As always tag or message me so we can chat! 

XOXO, Kaleena 

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